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Fortify Your Defenses with Expert Security Testing Services

We prioritize the significance of a robust security testing strategy to safeguard your digital environment. Amidst escalating cyber threats, proactive measures are essential to protect your valuable assets. Our expert team specializes in security testing, ensuring fortified and resilient systems against potential vulnerabilities. Trust us for the confidence and peace of mind your business deserves.

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Shield your business against threats
Shield your business online

Vulnerability Testing

We Footprint the environment using publicly available information to identify domains and IP ranges owned by the Client. Next we Identify and validate systems and IP ranges to be tested (perform a detailed network survey).

Application Penetration Testing

We will work with our clients to identify and understand in-scope API endpoints. Where possible, API documentation (WSDL files, Swagger documentation, or example request/response pairs) will be leveraged to perform white-boxed testing.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

We will Conduct passive network discovery on previously identify systems and applications to identify potential areas for focus.

Hardware/Firmware/ IoT Assessments

We will profile the device by observing its components during normal operation, identifying connected resources, such as databases/data stores, credentials, scheduled tasks, configuration files, registry entries, file system paths, and network ports. Search for accessible authentication material, such as encryption keys,

Medical Devices

Medical device security testing is critical because it helps organizations ensure that their devices are secure and compliant. This is essential for protecting patient data and maintaining trust in the healthcare industry. It is also significant because medical devices are often connected to other systems (such as electronic medical record systems), and a compromise of a medical device could have far-reaching consequences.

External Network Penetration Testing

We Footprint the environment using publicly available information to identify domains and IP ranges owned by the Client.

Mobile Application

We will check all the permissions requested by the mobile application and deem if they are necessary for the application’s normal operations. Send malformed commands to custom URL schemes to determine if proper validation is implemented.

AMD Cybersec Tester

We are a cybersecurity company based off from the UAE that specializes in protecting businesses from malicious hackers. Our team consists of highly skilled security testers and strategists who work together to develop an impenetrable security system. We offer our services to businesses in a range of industries including automotive, fintech, and medical. With our expertise and dedication to keeping digital assets safe, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable information and systems are protected from potential threats.

How we do

Our meticulously refined protocols enable us to conduct an analysis that is comprehensive, thorough, and flexible, based on our extensive experience. These protocols have been continuously improved to provide an in-depth understanding of the subject matter at hand.

1. In-depth Analysis

Unleash the Power of In-Depth Cyber Analysis with Our Elite Penetration Testers

2. Security Standards

3. Report

We employ cutting-edge tools in accordance with industry standards to unearth the most severe security vulnerabilities.

Delivering penetration testing reports translated into easily understandable everyday language

4. Follow up

We will provide you with a follow up consultation to help you through the remediation process

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